Home Inspection Services

Our services provide a range of specialties for all types of clients. Whether you are purchasing a new home, analyzing your home's condition prior to market listing, or just wondering how your investment is performing... AMS Inspection Services is your answer!

Home Inspection (Pre-Purchase)

The inspector tests all appliances and inspects the electrical, plumbing and overall condition of the structure.  Starting at $300 for a full home inspection this investment could save you thousands in repairs in the long run and give you peace of mind.

Pre-Listing Inspection

These inspections may help you sell your home faster, receive better offers, speed up negotiations or increase profits.  Before you put your home on the market order an inspection.

Blower Door Tests

All new construction homes must conduct this test to comply with the Washington State Building Code. AMS Inspection conducts blower door tests for contractors. We also provide duct blaster tests for third-party analysis of HVAC efficiency.

Maintenance & New Home Warranty Inspections

Homes need a tune-up just like your car.  A maintenance or one-year warranty inspection just makes sense. Small defects can quickly become big headaches if they are not properly diagnosed and fixed.

Rental Property Inspection

With our owner's personal experience in the rental market, he found it increasingly important to conduct inspections when a property's lease expired. Having third party documentation of your investment property's overall condition is important for recording tenant damage, receiving deposits and scheduling routine maintenance. These inspections are cost effective and start at just $100.

Neighborhood Environmental Data Reports

Each EDR Report includes detailed information about known and potential environmental concerns and starts with a brief summary of the findings EDR has identified about a property. Whether you are buying or selling a home, the report helps to ensure peace of mind.